The history of bed linen

Historically, this fact is well documented by archaeologists. The first set of bed linen was a sheet, a blanket of two sheets, and what is now called a towel. At that time, it was a «pillowcase». The material of the CPB was silk, which is so durable that samples are now studied by everyone connected with the textile industry. Let’s find out why. КПБ из Иваново According to what principles is bed linen sewn in the textile capital There is no cotton growing in Ivanovo, the silkworm does not live, but today it does not matter. Modern bed linen (domestic factories carefully treat this issue) is produced mainly from natural fabrics. Synthetics are cheaper and bring more profit, because it is difficult to distinguish real bed linen from a plastic fake. But the principles laid down for the PBC in ancient China have not changed in any way, which is reflected even in the Book of Changes: The night will make you sweat, you will have to turn over the [pillow]; On a cold night, it is not the [thickness] of the blanket that will warm you, but the ability to cover yourself with it; If the blanket is small, share it with someone who sleeps next to you; Opening your eyes at dawn, you need to see not the Sun, but its shadow. КПБ из Иваново If you think about it, these principles are still valid today, so the online stores of leading factories offer bed linen in pastel colors, made of natural fabrics. Yes, cotton does not grow in Ivanovo, and we buy silkworm products in other countries, but there are not just factories that produce sheets here. Here they offer bed linen (wholesale and retail) to those who understand how much better what professionals do in terms of the comfort of a night’s rest. КПБ из Иваново At the same time, in addition to quality, much attention is paid to the little things that will not bother you while you sleep. Why do bed linen from manufacturers from Ivanovo copy world brands The motive of foreign textile workers is obvious – Ivanovo factories produce bed linen of the highest quality from natural fabrics. The collectives of the leading domestic sewing enterprises with a long history perfectly remember how high-quality bed linen got from the East to Europe through the Great Silk Road. Caravans through deserts, through battles with Bedouins and nomads, through thousands of kilometers without water and food… They know the history here and perfectly remember why silk was called the «Golden Sheet». Today Ivanovo offers PBC at low prices, and believe me, the quality of domestic sheets is no different from the «golden» sheets from ancient China. Why? Everything is simple – high-quality PBC, made of natural fabrics, pastel colors. КПБ из Иваново The staff of our editorial office offers you to choose for yourself what will please you in the morning: The Sun in the window or a sleeping place from which you will not want to get out.