Storage of bed linen: Ideas and storage system

Bedding always takes up a lot of space in the closet. They need to be ironed, carefully laid out so that they do not crumple. Have you ever thought that if you organize the storage of bed linen, you can save time and reallocate your resources to other household chores? Remember the advice of your mothers and grandmothers and get acquainted with new storage theories that will allow you to bring a touch of individuality to everyday life.

Ideas for storing bed linen and its layout

As practice shows, almost all housewives choose one of the following ways of laying out bed accessories:


After the strip, things are ironed (or shaken well) so that they take up as little space as possible and are folded into a rectangle. Then they are laid out on top of each other in a stack.

Plus, this method is quite simple, you do not need to make extra efforts. Negative-stacks take up a lot of space; when trying to get the lower thing, the upper ones may fall or crumple.

Implementation options for this method:

Hanging Fabric shelves;
Shelves in the closet;
Bundle the set into a stack with a tape and store the stacks in a certain place.

Vertical (Japanese)

The laundry is folded vertically in a drawer next to each other. The second option is folding into rolls. For example, if a large duvet cover is folded more times, it will take up less space. Next, it must be placed in a narrow part in the box.

The convenience of this method is that things take up less space and are easy to get. But there are also disadvantages: you can’t put such stacks on a shelf in the closet. You need either a separate cabinet, or soft shelves that are placed inside the cabinet.

Set in a pillowcase

The laundry should be ironed and rolled into rectangles or squares. Next, we move the stack of one set into a pillowcase (turned inside out). Then we wrap the stack with a pillowcase and place it in the closet. Convenient, practical and simple.

Before giving preference to any of the proposed methods, analyze 2 points:

How much underwear do you have;
Whether there is enough space in the closet.

For example, the latter method is suitable in all cases. And if we use the Japanese method, we will need free cabinets or the purchase of additional storage equipment.

Rules for storing bed linen in the closet

In order for the bed linen to retain its freshness even after a long stay in the closet, it is necessary to follow certain rules:

Things should not be wrapped in plastic bags. They give off a musty smell, and the laundry will need to be washed;
You can put flavorings or sachets on the shelf or in the box where the kits are located. They will provide a pleasant smell that will absorb the laundry. Some use sprigs of lavender and other herbs. But remember that dried herbs tend to crumble, and therefore it is better to put them in a special bag or gauze;
Put only completely dried things in piles. Otherwise, dampness will be an eternal companion of objects for sleeping;
It is necessary to iron the laundry if there is constant dampness in the room, or at least once bedbugs have been noticed;
If you are allergic, try to put the laundry in closed bags or containers so that dust does not accumulate on it;
It is necessary to hang the laundry after washing in an open space or in the fresh air

Surely your mothers and grandmothers told their secrets about how to achieve perfect order on the shelves and prevent the laundry from having a stale look. Take the tips into account, but use them taking into account the storage system you have chosen.

How often do I need to change the kits?

At the discretion of the hostess. If you think that the laundry is already stale or dirty, it needs to be replaced. We spend a third of our life in a dream, and therefore sleep accessories should always be in good condition and smell nice.

As a rule, a replacement once a week is quite enough. Some people change part of the kit. For example, a daily pillowcase. This may be due to allergies, pollution and other reasons.

It is necessary to wash bed linen at high temperatures. Not lower than 60 degrees. When washing, use a conditioner that softens the fabric and gives things freshness. The powder should be chosen according to the type of fabric (colored or white). The washing program – in accordance with the instructions for the washing machine.

Compact storage of bed linen according to the Marie Kondo method

The main task of this theory is that the stacks should take up as little space as possible, be neatly folded and conveniently removed from the storage place.

Let’s consider the main postulates:

After washing, all the laundry should be checked for unwashed stains, holes. Those things that look bad should be thrown out;
Each type of underwear should be folded separately: pillowcases with pillowcases, sheets with sheets, etc.;
Any thing from the storage place can be pulled out without touching the rest. Each part of the kit must be viewed. That is, when the hostess opens the closet, she does not blindly take the object, but consciously, because she sees it;
Depending on the type of fabric, things should be stored in separate drawers or shelves. This will ensure long-term operation.

Marie Kondo has developed her own theory on cleaning rooms and maintaining order in closets. She came to this by experience and explains everything in more detail in her books. This theory has many followers who are improving it in relation to the Russian realities.

Bed linen storage system in the dressing room-photo

As a rule, bed linen is not limited to just one set. There are several of them. In addition to underwear, there are blankets and other accessories for sleeping. Therefore, some housewives organize a whole system for storage.

Let’s consider the main options:

Selection of a part of the cabinet. She deals with underwear, which is laid out in any convenient way. Drawers can be used for smaller details, shelves — for sheets and duvet covers;
Vacuum bags stored on the upper shelves to avoid cluttering. On the one hand, this is a way to save space; on the other, if you constantly take out and put the laundry in bags, it will take a lot of time;
Hard trunks, hanging shelves. An alternative to a real wardrobe and shelves, if there is no free space, and you want to store your underwear carefully;
Covers. They come in different sizes and can be filled in sets. It is quite an acceptable option, since the laundry is completely closed and dust does not get on it. Minus – the cost of covers;
Containers, boxes. An alternative that will keep the order. But placing them on the shelves is a very dubious prospect, since in order to pull out the laundry, you need to get a box, and already from it – the desired object.

Some people store their underwear in the bed tray. Since there are no separate drawers, it will be advisable to use cases or trunks.

Life hack by choosing a PBC

Choose the right bed linen. No need to take cheap fabrics. After several washes, they will lose color and beauty. Give preference to natural materials (cotton, linen, silk). Consider the preferences of family members. For example, silk is a very slippery fabric. It can be uncomfortable to sleep on linen. Therefore, a universal option is cotton and its varieties.

It is not necessary to purchase a completely identical set. You can create it from different collections and create an individual set of underwear. But keep in mind that colored things can shed. Therefore, when washing, you need to look at the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

The trend of recent years is sheets with elastic bands. They are especially loved by the owners of beds with orthopedic mattresses. The sheets completely wrap around the edges of the mattress and do not roll down in a dream. But such sheets need to be folded carefully, because otherwise they will take up a lot of space. There are many videos on the web that show the whole process.

Regardless of which method is chosen for storing laundry, it must be remembered that the laundry must be completely dried. To iron it or not is at the discretion of the hostess. However, if ironing is not required, it is recommended to shake the sleeping items well in order to reduce their volume. Next, we put things in piles and put them in a closet or another system. Put lavender or any aromatic sachet on the shelves. It will give things a pleasant smell and will allow you to get rid of insects.

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