How to fix the sheet on the mattress so that it does not slip.

According to statistics, a person spends 30% of his life in a dream. The need for high-quality rest and recuperation may be required not only at night, but also during the day. A person wants to experience a sense of comfort, which is impossible if the bed linen is sliding. Learn how to fix the sheet on the mattress so that it does not slip. Let’s look at the main techniques, tips and life hacks, from the list of which you can choose the right one.

Как закрепить простынь на матрасе

Causes of the problem

Before you figure out what to do if the sheet slides off the mattress, experts recommend to understand the reasons for what is happening. The most common:

A person in the process of sleep constantly changes his position, fidgets, twists, twitches his arms and legs. Restless dreams can be the cause of initial diseases of the nervous system, anxiety. If you are concerned about this, visit a doctor;
The bed linen does not match the size of the mattress. When buying products for the home, you need to follow the following rule – textiles should be significantly larger than the mattress, so that you can remove the edges or fill them. It is easier to eliminate excess tissue than to deal with a disadvantage;
Incorrect selection of the material. Low-quality bed linen, produced with a large volume of synthetics, slips, rolls, and in hot periods sticks to the body. Experts advise choosing a natural material for sleeping-calico, cotton, satin, jacquard;
The owner makes mistakes at the time of making the bed – for example, there are a lot of free edges;
The mattress is covered with a smooth cloth, which does not provide the necessary degree of adhesion to the bed. This complexity is relevant for modern orthopedic products.

Как закрепить простынь на матрасе

Regardless of the reasons, it is recommended to study more methods of how to fix the sheet. This will allow you to forget about the problem.

Basic tips

There are enough options and techniques for fixing the sheet on the bed. It is recommended to select the appropriate method based on the criteria: type of bed linen, materials, type of bed. The simplest method is to simply tuck the remaining fabric under the mattress.

Also, a good solution would be to purchase a specialized mattress pad. In addition to these basic tips, there are also more time-consuming ones:

Sewing on the perimeter. In this case, the materials will be securely fastened to each other, but at the time of changing the bed linen, you will have to face difficulties – the fabric will have to be stripped off and sewn again. This is a time-consuming procedure, moreover, with regular repetition, the material will deteriorate;
Sewing buttons to the mattress and making loops in the sheet. This will allow you to commit in one place. Instead of loops, you can use Velcro, elastic bands, elastic bands. This is a simpler and more durable method, however, elastic bands and Velcro can come off during operation and washing. If you want to clarify how to fix the sheet on the mattress securely and with your own hands, choose one of these variations;
The use of office supplies and other improvised means. Improvised materials can always come to the rescue. For example, stationery clips, paper clips, pins, specialized clothespins for curtains. A negative moment – the owner may get hurt about them in a dream or during the replacement procedure;
The best option is to use standard clamps that come with bed linen. The problem is that not all manufacturers care about their availability. But you can buy them separately in stores where household goods are sold.

Как закрепить простынь на матрасе

It was the improvised means that were mentioned above (with the exception of the last point). Let’s also consider holders from manufacturers.

Varieties and features of production holders

Specialized clips that are designed specifically for linen cloths are the best option for those who want to save time, save things and take care of making the bed look beautiful. There are two types of clamps on the modern market-with metal or plastic tips. They can stretch up to one and a half meters, depending on the materials and the original size. Also, manufacturers provide them with the ability to adjust the length. They can be used with any types of materials and formats of sheets.

Как закрепить простынь на матрасе

Depending on the modification, they can be two-pointed or three-pointed. The first can capture two points of the canvas, and the second-three at once, which provides a more reliable fastening and enhances the effect.

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