From military uniforms to the market in Lublin. What the Textile expo 2021 exhibition showed

From May 27 to May 29, an important event in the textile industry took place at the exhibition site of the Uzexpocenter – the industrial exhibition UzTextileExpo 2021, organized by the Association «Uztextilprom» and the company Iteca Exhibitions. What did the exhibition show?

To begin with, the importance of the exhibition was emphasized by the presence of important people at the opening ceremony, among them were representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, the Uztextilprom Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, heads of a number of foreign companies, as well as heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Tashkent.

In a difficult year of limited contacts and international relations, UzTextileExpo managed to gather about 100 companies and brands from different countries, including Belarus, Korea, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

Textile exhibitions themselves imply a wide selection of finished products – clothing, knitwear, hosiery, home textiles, floor coverings and other products intended for the end consumer.

However, the peculiarity of textile exhibitions is that they work not only in the B&C format, but also in the B&B format. This is clearly shown by the exposition of the exhibition, where the entire assortment range of textile and light industry goods is presented: raw materials, cotton and mixed yarns, harsh and ready-made fabrics, knitted fabrics, accessories and materials for textile and clothing production.

Acquaintance with the exhibition UzTextileExpo 2021 in general left a positive impression. Over the many years of its existence, the number of domestic companies participating in the exhibition has significantly increased.

Suffice it to say that more than 90% of the participants are domestic manufacturers of finished textile and clothing products. Among them there are debutants of the exhibition – companies Forestcolor, Baxt Textile Andijon, Chust Textile, Daka-Intex, Sanoat Gilam, Gulsum–Textile and permanent participants of the exhibition — companies Elegant Garment, Aisha Home Textile, Samo, Bahmal Group, Osborn Textile, Khantex, Samarkand Apparel, Biryuza Group, Ideal, Xorazm Tex, Alliance Textile, Art Soft Holding, Barkas Teks, Global Textile Solutions, Ark Eko Textile and many others.

There is also a noticeable increase not only in quantity, but also in quality. Perhaps that is why all domestic firms represented at the exhibition and engaged in the production of canvases, fabrics and finished products export the bulk of their products to foreign countries, while its insignificant share remains on the domestic market.

This means that the products of the Uzbek textile industry are in demand on the foreign market, and exports bring foreign currency revenues to the budget in a fairly significant amount. At the same time, the saturation of the domestic market is mainly due to goods from China, Turkey and other countries with high added value, which affects the wallet of consumers.

The UzTextileExpo 2021 exhibition was small in scale this year, but it aroused considerable interest. Moreover, both among professionals of textile and clothing production, and a wide range of consumers.

Almost all the stands were filled with visitors, consumers were mainly interested in finished products, and professionals discussed the details of future transactions in the negotiation areas.

It would be a long story to tell about all the stands, but we will stop at some of them.

The stand of MS BARER TEXTILE company. Specializes in the production of special clothing for law enforcement agencies. At this exhibition, she presented samples of ceremonial, everyday and field uniforms for military personnel of the Ministry of Defense. We will not judge the design of the military uniform, the most important thing is that it is durable and comfortable to wear.

A manufacturer from Almalyk, Tashkent region, called Vintage Denim. The name itself speaks of denim products. People of the older generation probably remember jeans under the Denim brand and at first glance it may seem that the name was simply copied.

In fact, the word Denim comes from the name Serge de Nîmes («twill from Neem»). Nimes is a town in the south of France, where durable cotton fabric was produced. The word «jeans», on the contrary, is of Italian origin. In the 19th century, the port city of Genoa was famous for the production of durable cotton trousers. Genoese trousers made of Nimes material were called «jeans», and the material, respectively, is» denim», which is considered the most expensive fabric, rough, but after washing it becomes softer.

And on this stand are the eyes and hands of foreign customers in the Uzbek market. The word inspection is associated with a state organization, but it turns out that this organization is private. The UzInspection company (OOO «SIFAT TEX») provides quality control services for textile products (yarn, linen, ready-made knitwear, hosiery, terry products, home textiles) for foreign customers purchasing products from Uzbek manufacturers. An ordinary visitor is unlikely to guess that there are such services.

A somewhat unexpected appearance at the industrial exhibition of the largest international shopping complex from Moscow. But after getting acquainted more closely, you begin to understand that this is quite logical.

After all, it is profitable for our manufacturers to hand over their products in bulk without delay to a powerful trade organization that has 7,000 trade sections with a total area of 260,000 m2, warehouses with a total area of 300,000 m2, a logistics hub and serves not only Russia, but also Eastern Europe. Here I would like to curtsy to the organizers of Iteca Exhibitions for the thoughtful selection of exhibition participants.

In fact, any exhibition stand deserves its attention and UzTextileExpo 2021 is a vivid reflection of the latest trends, trends and changes taking place in one of the most important sectors of our economy – the textile industry.



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