Bed design in the bedroom: beauty and modernity

The decoration of the bedroom is carried out depending on the style, the number of pieces of furniture and the color preferences of the owners. The design of the bed begins with determining the location of its location. The next step is to assess the need for additional structural elements, such as a canopy. And finally, the last stage is the headrest and the bedspread.

Where should the bed stand?

According to the rules of feng Shui, it should not be located at the foot of the door. It is believed that the negative energy that enters the room can pass to those who are lying on the bed. You can reduce the negative by closing the door.

It is not recommended to put the bed with the headboard to the window. In a dream, a person relaxes, becomes defenseless, he needs support. The window cannot be a support due to the ephemeral nature of the design. Therefore, the best choice for the location of the bed in the bedroom will be the headboard to the wall (to the north or to the east), diagonally to the exit.

If the rules of feng shui are not for you, then the bed can be arranged in any convenient way, taking into account the arrangement of the rest of the furniture and the convenience of approaching it.

The design of the bed in the bedroom: design features

The bed is, as a rule, a wooden product on 4 supports with a mattress base. There are models whose design allows you to keep this piece of furniture on the weight, leave it on the floor (without supports), etc.

The bed is decorated with a canopy that hides the family bed from prying eyes.

The set includes cabinets and other furniture accessories.


The style of execution of the product dictates its own features.

The classics suggest the presence of a decorated headboard, a canopy, an exquisite design of the foot part.
A modern, minimalistic style indicates simplicity, lightness and the absence of additional structural elements.
Eco-models are made of ecological materials, are not subjected to additional processing.

The bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, and often the choice of model sets the tone for the rest of the situation. Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether there will be other interior items in the room, and whether it is possible to install additional structures on the bed (whether the size of the room will allow).

Beautiful design of the headboard in the bedroom

The headboard plays an important role in interior decoration. There are models that already have a decorated part. The second option is a small headboard made of the same material as the bed. It does not have the function of decoration, but is intended to strengthen the structure.

With the help of wallpaper of a different shade, the drawing highlights the bed area. By playing with the texture, color, you can make an accent between the wall and the bed, thereby determining the sleeping area. A similar effect is achieved with the help of paint, when a coloring system is used instead of wallpaper, and the sleeping area is shaded with a different color.
Mirror. Behind the headboard, it is allowed to install mirror plates, which can be continued on the ceiling, having decorated a certain corridor above the bed.
Drawing drawings using stencils. As a rule, this is done on light areas of the wall, where figures, flowers and other images are drawn using paint in a certain theme. You can choose a line as a decoration. Remember that vertical ones lengthen the space, horizontal ones visually expand the room.
Stucco molding. Moldings, cornices, plaster elements – all this is used for applying decor to the wall behind the headboard of the bed. Designers often use 3D panels that create an excellent visual effect, but do not take up much space. Stucco molding requires maintenance. Dust accumulates in the holes, causing allergies. It is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth several times a week.
Paintings, photos. The most common option for decorating a room. It can be one large landscape along the length of the headboard. Several paintings, «cut» for the composition. It is allowed to hang lamps that illuminate works of art in the dark.

Photo wallpapers and murals. Antique images of ancient cities, runes and other photos can be a distinctive part of the interior and set off the headboard. If there is nothing to choose from in the stores, many photo studios make wallpaper to order, according to the client’s requirements.
External decoration of the bed

The place where a person is resting should be filled with a blanket, a blanket so that dust does not fall on the bed. In some versions of the product, the bed is moved or removed into a closet, a wall, a mattress and bed linen can be collected from it. Nevertheless, let’s focus on the exterior decoration.

Beautiful bed linen. The fabric from which the underwear is sewn is different. For every taste and budget. Poplin, silk, calico – this is just a small list of options. Eco-friendly materials that do not cause allergies and irritation are in demand. In addition to beauty, bed linen should be practical. For convenient fastening on the bed, an elastic band can be used; so that the blanket does not fall out of the duvet cover, zippers are sewn, etc.
Cover. The bed can be made with a thick blanket/blanket or a bedspread. Its main purpose is protection from external factors-dust, splashes, the Sun. This decor element can be distinguished by sophistication, in harmony with the main decoration of the bedroom.
Decorative pillows. They are folded over the bedspread and are necessary only for the purpose of decoration, adding variety to the interior.

A photo of the design of the bed in the bedroom will allow you to see all the shortcomings. Incorrectly placed furniture, the lack of overall harmony and the need to select a different color in the interior. There may be many problems, but if there is a general design concept, the shortcomings will be eliminated quickly.

Additional decorative elements

The design of the bed can be supplemented with niches in which vases, candles, small figures are placed. The alternative is hanging shelves or open lockers. The shelves require additional mounting. This will allow you to observe safety precautions for those who are lying on the bed.

The second option is photos that are placed in frames, compositions are created from them or they are hung in a chaotic order.

You can combine the option of decorating the bed with the decor of the cabinets in the room. For example, if you choose a bedspread with a thematic pattern, apply the same image to the wardrobe.

It is allowed to use the manual labor of the owners in the form of creating handmade items. A bouquet of wild flowers in a vase near the bed. A frame in the decoupage technique from a photo of the last vacation. A hand-knitted blanket. All these elements will fill the room with a unique warmth.

Thus, the modern decorative design of the bedroom requires matching styles when choosing furniture and decoration elements. It is necessary not just to put a bed, but also to «beat» it with the help of design solutions. You can call for the help of professionals who will choose the overall color scheme and update the interior in accordance with the preferences of the owners.

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